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Your Bio

Jennifer Mitchell--Lifestyle Photographer, Ridgefield WA

My love for photography really blossomed when my oldest son was just a baby. After a few frustrating trips to the chain studios, I decided to try and hone my skills....I wanted to capture the little nuances that made my son who he was at that moment in his life. Those little hands and feet, dirty from a day of play; those gorgeous eyelashes, which must have come from his dad's side; that toothless grin, which would all too soon become a memory.

As a photographer that is what I hope to capture for you. You will have a collection of fun and candid images that tell the story of your family and what life was like in that moment. I want to find the beauty in your everyday life, and give it to you to treasure always.

My photography style is candid and relaxed. I love capturing feeling, connection and personality. I use only Canon professional equipment and lenses as well as natural light. I prefer shooting at outdoor locations or in your home, catching those moments of you and your family playing and having fun doing what you love.

what to expect...

At our shoot you can expect to have fun and really, just relax! I will not want you to tell the kids to look at the camera, or say cheese...definitely no cheese! It is best if I can interact directly with the kids... mom & dad can have a moment of quiet while I do the work (moment of quiet for you, no extra charge). If I need help, I will ask for it!

what to wear?

Regarding clothing, my best advice is to keep it simple. Avoid clothes with logos or crazy graphics. I find that different textures show really well. For fall shoots, comfy sweaters, scarves and hats are a great idea. Brightly colored rain jackets and umbrellas are always fun too. More than anything I suggest picking something that shows off your personality. If your child has fairy princess outfits or cowboy boots, perfect. I am always happy to help give suggestions based on the nature of your shoot, lets get creative!


My session fee is $150 for the first 5 people. ($25 extra for travelling more than 50 miles from Ridgefield, WA) $15 per person for additional people. Session lasts 1-2 hours. Session fee includes the photographer's time, talent, editing of all images, and password protected online viewing gallery that can be shared with family and friends. A DVD with all edited images (usually 30-40) and printing rights.


Jennifer Mitchell
Click "contact" at bottom of page to email me thru my website